Bamboo Wedding Fans in Silky Fabric Solid Colors

Our selection of bamboo wedding fans in silky fabric solid colors. Wholesale, directly from manufacturer artisans in northern Thailand. These affordable wedding fans are easy to order and easy to ship.

Silky Fabric Bamboo Wedding Fan Colors

Silky fabric in solid color keeps things simple and elegant. A handmade accessory that underscores the bride and the wedding atmosphere.

Shown here are Crimson, Deep Blue, Deep Grey, Deep Orange (70%), Light Coral, OliveDrab, PaleTurquoise, RebeccaPurple, Salmon, SeaGreen and White. Colors with a percentage represent a specific shade for a color name.

Not all colors are available in high quantity at all times. To check short-term availability of your preferred color, please send us the color name.

Other colors are also available. To specify your own color, please use the HTML color names guide, or the Pantone Coated/Uncoated Color Guide.


We have two standard sizes, small and large.


  • METRIC > open: width 33 cm, folded: 20x3x4.5 cm, weight: 60 grams
  • INCHES > open: width 13 inches, folded: 8x1x1¾ inches, weight: 2.0 ounces


  • METRIC > open: width 41.5 cm, folded: 25x3x5 cm, weight: 65 grams
  • INCHES > open: width 16¼ inches, folded: 10x1x2 inches, weigh: 2.3 ounces

Generally about one third of our customers choose small size, two thirds choose large size for wedding fans.

Materials and Production

These solid-color silky fabric wedding fans are made of choice, renewable bamboo for the fan frames and silky polyester fabric for the fan cover.

All silky fabric wedding fans are manufactured specifically to your order. Production takes about 7-14 days.

The wedding fans are handmade by the artisans of Sunisa Umbrella Workshop. We specialize in making umbrellas, parasols and hand fans prioritizing eco-friendly,  renewable materials such as bamboo, and maintaining a team oriented, fair trade working environment.

Wholesale Minimum Order

There is no minimum order requirement. Our wholesale base quantity is 60 pieces, the ex works price is shown below. Prices vary with quantity. Please contact us to quote a lower or higher quantity.


Prices for wholesale base quantity 60 pieces are

  • Small:   US$ 1.30 per piece
  • Large:   US$ 1.40 per piece


All wedding fans can be personalized according to your preference. Personalize with three options:


Fastest shipping is 5 days, slowest is 84 days. We ship worldwide with all shipping methods. In our quote to you we calculate the best, lowest cost shipping option specifically for your order's quantity, destination and delivery deadline.

How to Order

Contact us for any question, your specific wholesale quote, or a sample. We get back to you within about one working day.