Wedding Fans with Sticker Names and Date

A clear sticker with the names of the wedding couple and the date of the wedding is attached on the bamboo wedding fan handle.

Suggested background color of the sticker is transparent "clear". The Names and Date then appear as if printed on the bamboo fan handle. The print color should best have sufficient contrast with the bamboo color; white print color is a good choice, but other contrasting colors are also fine.

You can specify any format for the date. It can be 16.3.2018, 3/16/2018, 16 March 2018, or March 16, 2018, or any other format. The sticker can also include the name of the wedding location, or other information, as long as it fits neatly on the fan handle.

Note that with a bit of effort this sticker can be peeled off.

The minimum order quantity for name and date stickers is 100 pieces. Any number of stickers that is not placed on wedding fans, could be used for any other items. You can also choose to order our stickers separately. Supporters can have lots of fun placing them on the wedding fans, wedding gifts, or other items.


  • per individual sticker 0.30 US$
  • a one-time prototyping fee of 15.00 US$; this includes sending you a sample photo of your chosen wedding fan with the names & date sticker on it.

100 clear stickers with Names and Date placed on wedding fans is (0.30 x 100) + 15 = 45.00 US$.

Contact us to order personalized wedding fans with stickers name and date.