Wedding Fans and Promotion Fans with Screened Logo

This personalization or customization option uses the silk-screen method for printing directly on the fan paper of fabric cover material. The two basic options are one-color print and two-color print.


Whenever the participants of your event appear on photos holding these custom hand fans, your event, and its purpose will be remembered long into the future.

The silk screening process requires a minimum quantity of 50 pieces.

The two red hand fans above combine both a hand painting and a screened company logo.

One-color print:

  • 0.60 US$ per piece
  • one-time prototyping fee of 45.00 US$. This includes sending you a sample artwork photo before printing, and a photo of the final approval sample.

Two-color print:

  • 0.80 US$ per piece
  • one-time prototyping fee of 60.00 US$. This includes sending you a sample artwork photo before printing and photo of the final approval sample of the first silk-screened hand fan.

To sum this up, for the minimum quantity of 200 wedding or promotional fans, the logo or design screening is around US$180.00 for a one-color print, and US$220.00 for a two-color print.

Please note that these are estimates. The price may vary with the intricacy of the logo or design. Multi color prints are also possible.

Before confirming a quote, we do ask to see your logo/design. This is because some designs are more difficult to produce than others, and not all designs can be screened with ideal results. So we like to assess, and if needed advise for best results. We may decline a design if we feel we cannot produce it with quality result.

Simply contact us to arrange your wedding fans or promotional fans with logo or design. You'll be communicating with the workshop specialist.

Photo credits:

  • Top banner image "Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Koh Samui, Thailand 9th Anniversary party - a Nikki Beach team member flashing a bamboo logo fan made by the artisans of" - used with the kind permission by Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Koh Samui. Likewise:
  • Logo fan "WorldTeach Thailand" used with permission by WorldTeach, Thailand
  • Logo fan "Staedtler" used with permission by Staedler Mars
  • Logo fan "DER Touristik" used with permission by DER Touristik