Paper Wedding Fan in Solid Color White

Wedding fan photo
Paper wedding fan in solid color White. Handmade with bamboo and mulberry paper.

Paper wedding fan in solid color "White".

Wholesale bamboo wedding fan, manufacturer direct from the artisans of Sunisa Umbrella Workshop.

This wedding fan is an environmentally responsible item, handmade in socially responsible, skilled artisan teamwork.

The frame of the fan is made with bamboo, a locally abundant and quickly renewable material.

The body of the fan is made of handmade mulberry paper, derived from the bark and branches of the mulberry tree. Mulberry trees replenish bark and branches quite fast, while the tree has other uses for food and silk production, without needing to fell it. Even when felled, the tree grows back from its roots, often with multiple trunks.

The simple fastener is consists of a steel bolt and nut. Alternatively we can fasten the fan with a metal rivet. No plastics are used.

This wedding fan is standard large size, open width 41.5 cm (16¼ inch), folded length 25 cm (10 inch).

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Wedding fan motif
Solid color
Wedding fan material
Bamboo, Mulberry paper
Production process