About us

Updated 12 November 2019

WeddingFans.asia is owned and operated by Sunisa Umbrella Workshop in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Our workshop hand produces bamboo hand fans, bamboo umbrellas, and other bamboo products. All items can be customized and personalized.

We cater to international and domestic customers.

Our specialty is the creation and production of bamboo items exactly according to customer preference. This includes your wedding fans, as well as your promotional fans, or party fans!

Buy from Artisans
Buy direct. Communicate direct. We are trusted by returning customers and new customers for over 15 years. You will not find us on third party sales website shops of Amazonians, Alibarbers, Ebagoneers or Etsigens. No middle persons, no provision takers, no fulfillment warehouses. You work directly with the lead artisan of our production workshop.

Also, no shopping cart, we are happy to have an efficient and effective conversation with you about your specific wishes.

Brief History
Sunisa Umbrella Workshop, the owner of WeddingFans.asia, started out in 2005 as an Research & Development workshop of business development firm JEDI (www.jedi.asia). It's purpose is to create improved and new bamboo products that generate extra income for the rice-farming community nearby us, around Bo Sang village in Chiang Mai valley, northern Thailand.

With growing product development, and customer requests for production, the workshop transformed into a sole proprietorship, managed by JEDI's Ms Sunisa and Ms Supaporn. Today, JEDI continues to provide customer service, lowest cost worldwide shipping, and technical support.

Principles - Social and Environmental Responsibility
We adhere to the principles of producing and trading fairly. We practice social responsibility and fairness in our interactions with and among team members, our suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.

We maintain responsible environmental practices. Bamboo is an environmentally responsible raw material.

We aim for the highest degree of environmental acceptability in all our materials and processes. Our products are handmade. We use no heavy machinery.

We are increasing our steps to lower our carbon footprint. Since 2015 this website runs on clean solar energy generated in southern California, US. In 2017 we purchased our electric utility vehicle, a pickup trike ("Elmo") for local parts pickups and deliveries. In January 2018 we installed our first-stage solar power system, powering the workshop's hydroponic lettuce garden. In 2019 we installed a solar hot water heater. We also purchased a hybrid sedan, a good condition second hand. Fully battery powered road vehicles remain out of our affordability range.

Together with JEDI we have planted and care for a small forested area of 1000 trees. For 2019 we have begun planting another 2000 trees. This to absorb the carbon emitted by shipping of our products, while it covers a whole lot of other producer's products, too.

Privacy and Security
We do not participate in the data collection frenzy. We adhere to the traditional values of internet privacy. Our website places no cookies. You are browsing through a secure connection. Our email system uses SSL encryption. Our website uses state-of-the-art, Drupal 8 CMS, with regular updates for security and functionality. More on this (not different  from this) in our Privacy Policy and our Service Terms.

Social Media
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To order, simply contact us - the specialist artisans of your special products, handmade wedding fans and hand fans from Chiang Mai, Thailand.