How to order

As the makers of your wedding fans, we prefer to communicate with you in person instead of using an automated shopping cart. Best use our contact page first, but we are also available on Whatsapp and Line.

Here's how to order your wedding fans:

1. Browse our web site, choose your wedding fans and your personalization.
2. Contact us with the details of your choice, your location and delivery deadline, and any question.
3. Receive our quote for your wedding fans and shipping cost, and the answer to any question.
3. Decide, let us know if you want to make any changes ...
4a. To go ahead, confirm your order by reply email, and prepayment.
4b. To adjust, send us your changed selection.
4c. To postpone, or not go ahead, feel free to let us know.
5. Receive your personalized wedding fans well before your deadline.

> A note on prices:
Our prices are ex-works, directly from our production workshop. There are no middle persons or provision takers involved. There are no Amazonians, Alibarbers or Ebagoneers to pay. Not included in prices here are transaction and shipping costs, these are detailed in our quote to you. Levies, duties or taxes possibly charged by your government are also not included.

> A note on payment:
Payment transaction fees are on customer's account.
- For payment by PayPal our quote to you contains a 4.4% transaction fee (their charge to us).
- For payment by bank SWIFT ("wire") transfer, or services like Transferwise, transfer fees are on sender's (customer) account.
- Credit card payments are handled by PayPal. Please do not send us credit card details.

> A note on production:
Production time is generally 7-14 days. Production starts the working day after we receive your order confirmation and prepayment. Our quote specifies the exact expected production time.

> A note on shipping:
Fastest shipping is about 5 days, slowest is up to 84 days. We do not use a one-size fits all shipping policy. With very good shipping contracts (including fast shipping), we calculate the lowest possible shipping cost specifically for your location and your delivery deadline.

Corona virus note: Due to slowdowns and restrictions here may be shipping delays.

> A note on duties or taxes:
Orders are subject to your country's importation guidelines, including any duties, taxes and permits. We have no control over these. As usual, the buyer is always responsible to comply with these.

For many countries import duties and VAT are not required for small internet purchases from Thailand. For example, from our experience:

For the EU: For value up to 150 EUR the importation is duty free; VAT is charged according to country rates. For value above 150 EUR the specific duty rate for bamboo hand fans is 0%, with VAT is charged according to country rate. Note: value is defined as product + insurance + shipping.

For the US: For declared product value under 800 USD shipped per postal mail, the importation is duty free. For all other importation the duty rate is 3.3%. Sales tax is not charged for imported goods.

For Australia: For product value up to 1,000 AUD, the importation is duty free and GST free. If treatment is needed, it is typically 75 AUD. For product value above 1,000 AUD the specific duty rate for bamboo hand fans is 5% (Schedule 3), with GST 10% and biodiversity measures apply.

If applicable, any duties/taxes are usually billed and paid at the post office, or collected by courier services upon delivery. This is quite easy.

If applicable, we generally estimate import duties between 0% to 6.5% of the product consignment value, plus VAT (for the US sales tax is not required). The amount depends on your country, region, and the value of your purchase.

Note that whatever our experience and advice, in all cases your country's customs service has the final say.