Privacy and Security

We value your privacy and your security when using our website.

Privacy refers the data we request from you, and why, and our granting any others access to that data, and why. Security  refers to keeping that data out of the hands of people who are not supposed to have that data, and keeping our website safe from external interference.

Your Privacy

We don't share customer data with anyone, except if our services are abused or if required to do so by law.

Names, Dates, Logos, Designs

We regard personalization and customization details such as names, dates, logos and designs as confidential information entrusted to us by you, our customer. These details are owned and copyrighted to you, our customer. They  are not shared with anyone else, other than those who are actively working on producing these personalizations and customizations. We strictly adhere to this confidentiality principle.

Purchase and Shipping Details

Your name, address and phone details are needed to prepare your quote, and later on for your purchase and to arrange shipping. You send us these details by our contact page and /or by email. These details are treated with confidentiality and are not shared with anyone except for purpose of payment and shipping.

We do not collect payment details. To make a purchase, you need to share some your personal details details with the payment processor, that is your bank, debit /credit card company, or Paypal.

The post office or courier service also requires information to deliver your items. So, when you purchase something from us their privacy policies apply as well.

Website Cookies

The public section  of our website does not place cookies. We do not place so-called trackers. We do not participate in harvesting your data. We do not use external services that might harvest data, such as Google Analytics, Facebook, or other social media that employ cookies and trackers. Nothing from our website follows you before, during, or after browsing our website.

The internal section  of our website requires loggin in. It is used by artisans and administrators. For these internal users our system places cookies, records personally identifiable IP numbers, ISP names and locations. The system records and uses this data to verify the authenticity of authorized users who log in to our site, and remembers them when they return. This data remains internal. We check it whenever needed.

Browser Details

Your browser emits so-called "browser headers" such as the type /brand of browser, your device's type of operating system, the language it is set for. Your browsing IP number is general public information; this generally contains regional and network information; your browser likely emits data about the site you used to access our website and /or search terms you used to find our website. This data is not  personally identifyable. We look at this data from time to time to get a general statistical idea of how our visitors connect to our website and where our visitors come from.


Some photos on our website show individual or groups of persons with our wedding fans or wedding parasols. These are either photos made by ourselves, or photos that customers send to us with clear permission that they may be placed on our website and /or social media.

Recognizable persons shown on such photos must have given consent for the photos to be shown in public, or specifically on our website and /or social media, unless this is inherently implied when the person is actively engaged in a public activity or appearance, or the person's professional work involves public activity.

For our decision to place a photo or not, it is "if in doubt, leave it out". As a result, the number of photos on our website  featuring our wedding fans in actual wedding activities is somewhat lacking. Still, we do  like to post our "wedding fans in wedding action" and we are very happy when customers send us such photos with the permission to place them on our website! Please do make sure the persons shown in the photo agree to it being shown in public.

If wish us to remove photos that you earlier permitted us to show on our website or social media, send us an email and we will promptly remove them.

Social Media

We do not work with social media that carry risks for data ownership, data collection, resale to or use of data by other third parties. This means we do not have a presence on the massively large social media sites. Of course many of our visitors,  customers, and friends do have such presence, and if you wish to mention us or link to us from there, it's OK with us.


An exception to the non-disclosure of statistical and personal information is for abuse of our website, email, and for abuse or fraudulent use of financial transactions, which are reported to the authorities, or if we are required to do so by law. We have not disclosed such information on these grounds since our establishment.

If you have a question about our privacy policy, do feel free to contact us.


Website Security

The information contained in your initial contact inquiry may be stored on our website. uses a modern, continuously updated website system, open-source Drupal. Among many others, it is used, for example, by > this website.

Secure Connection

Our website does not collect or store sensitive user data. Still, our entire website uses SSL/TLS security with the "https" prefix as shown by your browser's Pad Lock icon. Your browsing is encrypted, the sending of your contact message is encrypted, our email access is encrypted.

Office Security

Details contained in emails are stored on our server and on our office PC.  These are firewalled, continuously updated, and checked Linux systems  CentOS and Ubuntu. We do not use Windows.

Paypal and Credit Card Payment

Payments are not processed through our website. We send you an invoice which can be paid directly at the Paypal website, or by bank transfer. Your payment details are not stored on our website. With payment by Paypal, these details are recorded and stored with Paypal. Paypal says they also offer payment by credit card without being a Paypal member. So, Paypal's privacy policy and terms apply. If you do not wish to use Paypal, that is also fine. Contact us, we can process your payment with bank transfer or another method.

Please do ensure that - as usual - you do not send sensitive data such as credit card details in any non-secure email or contact page. We will never ask you, neither by mail nor any part of our website, for sensitive data such as credit card details.


It is generally not possible to guarantee immunity against professional hacking no matter how elaborate the technical system, so we also do not provide such a guarantee. Yet we do use a strong setup and effective tools to protect our website, our office, our data and your data from being compromised.


We do not bother our customers with mailing list emails, newsletters, or automated promotion emails.


Our web site does not contain many links to other websites. When you follow any of those few links, the privacy and security policies of those websites apply.