World Environment Day 2018

Submitted by wedfan on Mon, 04.06.2018 - 11:35

Tomorrow, 5 June 2018 is World Environment Day. If you're reading this after the fact, just remember that next year's World Environment Day is again on 5 June. Ans don't wait for next year to take action!

It's the time to remind ourselves of  three main goals to keep our good mother earth healthy and livable: stop global warming,  stop marine pollution, and slow down population growth. Plus the goals of achieving sustainable consumption and stopping wildlife crime.

The 2018 environment day theme is "Beat Plastic Pollution". This is in line with the EU drive to eliminate plastics that account for 70% of marine litter in the earth's oceans. How could it happen that in the deepest trenches of the ocean, "where noone has gone before", the floor is littered with plastic junk?

At we eliminate as of immediately the last vestige of plastic from our Bamboo Wedding Fans. No more plastic packaging.

And on a personal level: no more coffee in throwaway plastic cups. We have a workaround: Coffee and fruit juices are often sold in ½ liter throwaway cups (also containing lots of ice). We keep ½ liter thermos flasks handy and ask vendors to fill them.

We have a similar method with take-out food, that we often pick up from the restaurant. We bring a stackable stainless steel food carrier. Its our Zebra Smart Lock Food Carrier (14cm X 3 Layer)*. No more foam containers or plastic bags!

What are you doing to reduce throwaway plastic?


* The so-called smart lock version is more difficult to find, and more expensive than the standard version with two long bars connecting the three trays, but it is more versatile in daily use.